Thursday, 15 October 2015

Some links

1. Film scripts. Free legal and accurate, so far as I can see. Including The Social Network, American Hustle, Anna Karenina. All sorts.

2. This is a great little presentation (with words) about data. "The terminology around Big Data is surprisingly bucolic. Data flows through streams into the data lake, or else it's captured in logs. A data silo stands down by the old data warehouse, where granddaddy used to sling bits. And high above it all floats the Cloud. Then this stuff presumably flows into the digital ocean. ... I would like to challenge this picture, and ask you to imagine data not as a pristine resource, but as a waste product, a bunch of radioactive, toxic sludge that we don’t know how to handle."

3. How to get to Germany, complete with prices and diagram. From the LRB.

4. An amusing old attack on literary fiction. The link came from someone in prison.

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