Monday, 5 October 2015

Some interesting links

1. Shakespeare in modern English.

2. Organised crime is a lot more organised in Japan: "A bronze nameplate on the door helpfully identifies the Sumiyoshi-kai, another large criminal organisation. Full gang members carry business cards and register with the police. Some have pension plans."

3. Interesting piece about the politics of Star Trek.

4. Status.

5. Predictions about UKIP: "People lament these new parties without appreciating that they are as much a feature of multiculturalism as chicken tikka masala, while old-fashioned concepts like ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ are really products of previously homogenous societies. Such clear ideological divisions do not arise in multicultural societies, where political identity is too often decided by whether a man worships on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. To paraphrase a man who understood the politics of identity, Ukip haven’t gone away you know."

6. Is it worth doing? Poetry, that is - and philosophy.

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