Monday, 3 August 2015

Camille Paglia

It's a long interview with her, in three parts: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Camille Paglia, PG Wodehouse and Caitlin Moran: the style is part of the message; when you read them, you suspect that there must be repetition as the seam that is being mined is relatively small, and yet there is not - there is always something fresh, recognisable yet new; and they are all entertaining. 

Here is Paglia: "And then in the case of Monica Lewinsky–I mean, the failure on the part of Gloria Steinem and company to protect her was an absolute disgrace in feminist history! What bigger power differential could there be than between the president of the United States and this poor innocent girl? Not only an intern but clearly a girl who had a kind of pleading, open look to her–somebody who was looking for a father figure." It's the last sentence that puts the Paglia twist on something that no doubt many other people have thought. And then it's on to late-Victorian necrophilia, Sex and the City, her grandmothers, Christopher Hitchens' chapter titles, Hillary Clinton ("She has no discernible political skills of any kind"), the Republican presidential candidates ("Rand Paul has obviously had his eye on the presidency for years, so it’s astonishing that he apparently has never given any thought to how he should dress or cut his hair or even stand in front of cameras" - who else says that?) and away we go. Enjoy the ride.

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