Monday, 3 August 2015

An assortment of links

1. Great costumes from Star Trek: the Next Generation. As a bonus, here's a weird story about a bad Fantastic Four film.

2. Gone With the Wind is a cracking good read, says Cass Sunstein of all people.

3. Bad people are bad, not just banal. This is an interesting piece.

4. A couple of interesting pieces from Aeon: (a) nowadays, schizophrenics make sense - reality has caught up with paranoid delusions ("Another subject was actually working on a reality TV series but came to believe that his fellow crew members were secretly filming him, and was constantly expecting the This-Is-Your-Life moment when the cameras would flip and reveal that he was the true star of the show.") and (b) a suggestive piece on Buddhist logic (but where are all the female Buddhist philosophers? not playing the game?).

5. This. Laugh? Cry? Don't know. In bad taste? Almost certainly. (It's from the GS Elevator chappy.)

6. Everyone is right.

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