Friday, 3 July 2015

Is there any chance this is a spoof?

Not the fantastic "relocate the people of Hong Kong to Northern Ireland" plan, but this.

It's by Jess Phillips, MP (Labour) for Birmingham Yardley. She seems to have had an odd mother ("my mom, the mother of three sons, and me her only daughter, whispered in my ear every day from birth, 'there's nothing they can do that you can't'" - every day?), but she's a grown up now.

The story is this. The Opposition tabled a motion "to task the Equalities and Human Rights Commission with performing an 'Annual Equal Pay Check' to collate and analyse information published and recommend actions to ensure we close the gender pay gap this generation". They lost the vote. And then Phillips got upset. She writes: "When the votes were declared and we lost, I lost it. And Nicky Morgan laughed at me. She stared across and gloated because I was upset. But I remain unapologetically upset. Maybe if she had wiped the blood off a women who was left for dead she wouldn't laugh." Whoa there! Where did all that blood come from? Lack of gender pay gap information collation?

Phillips concludes: "Today I shall sit in the cupboard in Parliament where Emily Wilding Davison the suffragette hid to show her worth. I shall whisper, "there's nothing you can't do." Then I'll step out in to that fancy Palace of Westminster and know that those around me think I don't matter quite so much." I really hope Morgan doesn't catch Phillips whispering to herself in a cupboard - she'll just laugh even louder, and then I dread to think how upset Phillips will be.

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