Thursday, 7 May 2015

Striking sentences

1. "But what could be more important than the resurgence of a fascist movement on the European continent? I’m not talking about these sappy fascists who run around the streets in Western Europe. I’m talking about guys with a lot of weapons, guys who have done dastardly things and who have killed people." That is Stephen F. Cohen being very interesting about what is going on in Russia and Ukraine. He would have interesting things to say to the chap who wrote about whether the West won the Cold War (or thought it did) that I posted about not that long ago.

5. "Do we still have to lean in if Dave Goldberg is dead?" A warning: this is strong stuff, and is not for members of the (David) Goldberg/Sandberg family or their close friends. The writer has a point, but you have been warned.

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