Thursday, 16 October 2014

Some things you might want to know

1. If you cook pasta, let it cool down and then reheat it, the result is that it will be less fattening.

2. "Lockheed Martin ... has a new design for a fusion reactor that it reckons could be in use in a decade."

3. "Some Tory MPs are making quiet deals with Nigel Farage to run as joint Tory/Ukip candidates at the election. And in private, Ukip strategists say that they actually want Ed Miliband to become prime minister. They calculate that he will then make such a mess that he will be kicked out by a despairing electorate." So says Peter Oborne.

4. "Buzludzha was once the futuristic, flying-saucer shaped headquarters of the Communist Party in Bulgaria, but it is now a semi-ruin after being left to rot." Watch the video here.

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