Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Miscellaneous links

1. This accurately outlines the variety of ways in which Microsoft Word is annoying and also explains why Word is built that way. I'm not sure about blaming Plato for Word, but one can see that Edmund Burke would prefer WordPerfect.

2. John Lanchester on how there is too much about food nowadays. "Imagine that you’re fascinated by model trains. You’re on fire with interest, you think about them all the time, they’re your consuming passion. But then, over about twenty years, the entire culture becomes obsessed with model trains. The model-train blogosphere grows exponentially. Model-train makers are plastered all over the covers of magazines, and stage train-building smackdowns on TV, and are treated as the new rock stars. Might you, in your private heart, think that maybe the whole model-train thing, still of tremendous interest to you, has somehow got a bit out of hand? That’s where I feel food is today."

3. A judge, in England, has found police officers to have "repeatedly lied on oath" to cover up having suppressed evidence exonerating suspects (including some kind of religious minister) in important respects.

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