Monday, 12 May 2014

"In Iceland, police have fatally shot just one suspect. That's one guy in the entire history of the country."

More on policing, and some interesting and entertaining international comparisons here. Some excerpts:

"in America 120,000 or so full-time law enforcement officers rack up the same number of homicides as about 24 million Canadians"

"in 2011 the German police fired 85 bullets. That's all of them. The entire police force. The whole country. Eighty-five bullets in one year. That's seven bullets per month. One bullet for every million German citizens. The same year - 2011 - the Miami Police Department blew through the German Polizei's annual bullet allowance on just one traffic incident ..."

"Are American civilians so different from Europeans or Aussies or Kiwis or Canadians that they have to be policed as if they're cornered rebels in an ongoing civil war?"

Steyn ends by quoting a policeman writing about how to handle stopping someone driving a car and comments "This guy would sound faintly nutty outside America, and his superiors would probably recommend psychological evaluation."

Iceland "ranks 15th in the world in terms of legal per capita gun ownership", says the BBC.

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