Friday, 13 December 2013

Various links

(1) The last Jew in Afghanistan is leaving. Moreover, "There are no Afghan Christians left, at least none who is open about it, and the only permanent church is inside the Italian diplomatic compound. There is a small Hindu population, but it is shrinking rapidly." Draw your own conclusions.

(2) Mediaeval wall painting in Welsh church. A nice reminder of the pleasant treasures from the past that might yet be re-discovered.

(3) John Lanchester does a MOOC, thanks to Ferran AdriĆ . "all undergraduates at Harvard are required to take at least one class in science. As a result, the university offers some courses designed to be appealing to the kinds of student who wouldn’t be studying science unless they had to. Once that’s known, it makes a lot of sense to involve AdriĆ , who is rock-star famous in the world of food, in a course designed to appeal to the clever and curious and artily-minded young. So here it is: SPU27, an acronym standing for Science of the Physical Universe 27. Spelled out in English, the name of the course is Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science. The person who thinks it’s funny that SPU sounds like ‘spew’? Harvard isn’t cross with you. Just … disappointed."

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