Monday, 30 December 2013

All (cutting-edge) human knowledge is here

Or at least nearly all - it's, where people summarise their PhDs in one sentence (or, for those who can't count to one, a small number of sentences).

Some I liked:

"That Galaxy wasn’t the one we were looking for, and after careful examination we can say that it doesn’t have any other particularly interesting traits either."
- Dark Cosmology Center, University of Copenhagen.

"A well known chemical reaction works just like the literature said it would"
- Chemistry, University of Cambridge

"Using flash-cameras set up in the wild to count how many animals are in an area is a bad idea because bright flashes at night scare animals."
- Biology, Stanford

And, finally, one from France

"The people doesn’t understand."
- Political science, Sciences Po Bordeaux

Well, quite.

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