Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Miscellaneous links

1. The moving sofa problem, familiar from Douglas Adams and given a mathematical formulation.

2. A good and fair interview with the intellectual Trump supporter Publius Decius Mus. "Before he began to speak, he held out an iPhone showing a picture of his family: if he was unmasked, he said, his family would suffer, because he works for a company that might not want to be connected to an apostle of Trumpism. // It is not necessarily absurd for Decius to suggest that he might suffer a fate like that which befell Brendan Eich, who resigned under pressure from Mozilla Corporation, the tech company he co-founded, after he was discovered to have donated to an anti-same-sex-marriage initiative." That is great fairmindedness from the author and the New Yorker.

3. New Zealand:"I lack space to eulogize Wellington, where the national library appears to surpass any analogous institution Australia can show, even if the airport houses mankind’s only known ceiling-suspended statue of Gollum."

4. The great Greggs robbery: "The 34-year-old also stole hot drinks sachets from an NHS Trust". Greggs and the NHS - has the man no shame?

5. How and why to use stereotypes in Bayesian reasoning (but please also consider why not).

6. Have you come across the phrase "evangelicalism’s subaltern counterpublics" before? If not, you might be interested in this piece on the collapse of American mainstream Protestantism.

7. Fake news?

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