Monday, 7 November 2016

Good news

1. The world is getting greener: "As the paper’s lead author, Zaichun Zhu, of Beijing University, puts it, it’s the equivalent of adding a green continent twice the size of mainland USA."

2. Here's how you can find books you might like.

3. A judge got to write this: "This application by the joint administrators of Dent Company ... affords the opportunity to consider the application of the equitable doctrines of marshalling and subrogation in relation to a fixed charge over a dog."

4. "A new Alberta company lets you send greetings to your loved ones, or your enemies, by posting a potato in the mail." More here (including a picture of a personalised potato).

5. A-level students can make John Lewis Christmas ads.


  1. I liked the book link, thank you.

    1. You're welcome. I would rather have a written thank you than a potato one.