Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Donald Trump and Elena Ferrante

Two people with nothing in common? Nothing except something that occurred to the Complete Review:

"As it happens, this weekend also saw another invasion of privacy: the release of a few pages of American presidential candidate Donald Trump's tax returns. ... there were dozens, if not hundreds of posts expressing disappointment and outrage at the release of the 'Elena Ferrante' information -- but not a one suggesting that Donald Trump had in any way been treated unfairly, despite the fact that this information was released without his permission and presumably entirely against his personal wishes. ... Almost everyone seems terribly sympathetic to 'Elena Ferrante' while shrugging off the other case, as though Trump just got what he deserves. It shouldn't work that way."

It shouldn't. But it's hard to keep that kind of dispassionate approach: cf bin Laden and Thatcher.

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