Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Corbyn - the disaster

Surely the sign that the Labour Party has sunk to its lowest ebb is the fact that it is now open season on its leader. These are two from the Spectator
'I wonder if the same technology could be used for the Labour party?’

Or perhaps it is the fact that his supporters shrug off the fact that he is a laughing stock: "#Traingate encouraged people planning to vote for Jezza, 18% said the events had given them a more positive view of the leader, compared to just 5% who said it had given them a more negative view." Either way, one starts to wonder whether Andrew Roberts might be right: "Anyone who supposes that the Labour Party has some kind of God-given right to permanent existence simply because it has been around for 116 years ought to look to Billingshurst in West Sussex, where the skeleton of a dodo is expected to fetch £500,000 at auction in October."

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