Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Thoughts on the EU Referendum (7)

Here are sensible people saying anti-Brexit things.

1. The Economist, here with some facts.

2. Anthony Hilton. And is this true about Singapore? "Trade deals also have an impact on sovereignty. Brexit campaigners should take note of what happened in Singapore: chewing gum used to be banned in that country because it was deemed by the Government to be a public nuisance. US chewing gum manufacturers lobbied the US government and it became a condition of the US/Singapore trade deal that the chewing gum ban was rescinded. So much for Singaporean sovereignty. The lesson is that having “got sovereignty back” by leaving the EU, we would then have to surrender it again with each new trade deal."

3. "It’s a Eurosceptic fantasy that the ‘Anglosphere’ wants Brexit," says Nick Cohen.

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