Thursday, 18 June 2015

Good clean fun

These are a couple of things I saw, unless you are terribly po-faced, count as innocent fun.

First, Toby Young has a plan to get Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour leader. It seems that for just £3 you can vote in the Labour leadership election, and for people of a certain cast of mind, that is not the least fun you can have for £3. But do note that Jeremy Corbyn is the man who divorced his wife (partly) because she wouldn't send their son to a comprehensive school and supports the extinction of the human race, so he's a man of principle. I'm sure he'll find a way of invalidating Toby's vote for him.

Second, Zionist single shoe-stealers! "Asghar Bukhari, the founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACK UK) unwittingly sent Twitter into a meltdown, after he posted a public rant in which he appeared to claim that Zionists attempted to intimidate and threaten him by breaking into his home and ... stealing one of his shoes. ... He didn't stop there. In fact, he posted a dramatic image capturing the emotional impact of the heinous crime that took place while he slept, sharing an image of a bare foot and a solitary, bereft shoe." I am a non-user of Twitter and it seems to me that making fun of people like this is what it is for. This is not quite up there with the Cameron on the phone thing, but it's not far behind. Here's Mr Bukhari on the BBC on non-shoe related matters: in fact, he turns up on the BBC a fair bit.

As a bonus, this one has no downside to it: if you want to escape from a zoo successfully, be a flamingo.

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