Thursday, 18 December 2014

The most awful and deadly shambles

This is an article in the LRB about Britain's involvement in Afghanistan. It is well worth reading.

This story is one of the more light-hearted (and flattering) bits:

"Martin tells the story of one ‘Taliban’ commander who believed he’d been recruited by the British because, not knowing he was ‘Taliban’, they’d given him a card allowing him to claim compensation for damage to his house. His conviction was strengthened when his house happened to be searched by courteous British troops who somehow failed to find his hidden Kalashnikov. While he was waiting for what he imagined to be the first contact from his new British employers, he was killed by British special forces. Proof that the conspiracy theory was wrong? No, said his men; he was killed by the Americans, because he was on the books of their enemy, the British."

That's a high point.

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