Thursday, 6 November 2014

What does 'Andre' mean in Korean?

Regular readers might have noticed the irregular coverage of matters Korean on this blog.

The question in the headline is prompted by my having learned today, from here, that "agassi" means "young lady" in South Korea, but "slave of feudal society" in the North. This made me hope that the word "Andre" might have some relevant meaning in Korean, "chic" or "oppressed" for example, that would help all speakers of Korean to agree on the correct meaning of the well-known phrase or saying "Andre Agassi". My researches so far, however, have drawn a blank.

"With his drive Andre became a champion in the world of professional sports; with his passion he transcended the game and inspired a generation; with his compassion he is educating the young; with his authenticity he remains grounded, focused and committed to community", his website tells us all, and we are duly humbled. But it was perhaps too much to expect that, with his name, he could unite a peninsular riven by 50 years of war. On the other hand, perhaps other members of the Agassi family, e.g. "tennis superstar, philanthropist and businesswoman" Stefanie, Jaden Gil or Jaz Elle might yet have that honour.

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