Thursday, 14 August 2014

A miscellany of interesting links

1. ""Inexpensive plastics are highly light-sensitive,” she said, adding, “We look after these objects in the same way we would a Constable painting or a Hogarth print.”" Says the V&A (via the New Yorker).

2. "one strange, unique Bricusse & Newley song is the slender thread that connects Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra Jr, George Michael, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, David Hasselhoff and a zillion others to Norman Wisdom and a BBC calypso singer on a floppo tour of the English Midlands in the summer of 1964". You can add Nina Simone to that list too. You will know the song well, but the Norman Wisdom connection might be news to you.

3. "Meet the mother who went on a £5,000 holiday to Bora Bora while her husband and children had a soggy caravan break in Dorset". That's the headline and the story too. This will take you to more details and two sets of holiday photos. And yet one feels there must be more to it ...

4. "During the “courting” process there were none of the usual wooing signals—no flowers or chocolates—but he did once thrust into her arms the complete keyboard scores of Bach. He also lent her an old desktop computer sold to him by Ronald Dworkin. It kept crashing. “It was an indication of the strangeness of what was going on, that when Derek suggested he come round at midnight to deal with the computer, I thought he meant it.”" That's Parfit on the pull

5. Good news from Unilever, which the Economist says is trying to be good. But less cheerful news from America: "There's a good chance that your [bottled] water comes from California, a state experiencing the third-driest year on record", says the Atlantic.

6. Finally, very dispiriting news from Poplar. But, to end on a positive note, there is cheering news from Bradford (albeit not for George Galloway). 

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