Friday, 28 February 2014

Evangelical Christianity - more embarrassing than porn

Teresa Scott was working in the porn industry when she and her husband had a really rather striking vision of Jesus, and so she decided to become a Christian.

As one can imagine, that was a bit of a shock for her family:

"How did your family react to your discovery of God?
It split our family in two. Porn, they could deal with. because they could just brush it under the carpet. But they couldn’t deal with me talking about finding Jesus. We didn’t speak for seven years. My dad thought I was on drugs. It took years for them to be able to see that my life wasn’t getting worse, it was getting better.

Sad to say, her erstwhile colleagues were no more understanding than her family:

"Did people you knew in porn react in the same way?
People in the porn industry thought I was mad

She adds: "When you’re working and you’re on set, doing "the business", there isn’t much time to talk about Jesus." I'm sure she's right.

The full story is here.

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