Friday, 10 January 2014

An assortment of links

First, some giants of the 20th century:

(1) Castro thinks Oswald didn't kill Kennedy. He has his reasons: "I asked Fidel why he thought Oswald could not have acted alone. He proceeded to tell the table a long and discursive story about an experiment he staged, after the assassination, to see if it were possible for a sniper to shoot Kennedy in the manner the assassination was alleged to have happened."

(2) Henry Kissinger on the Special Relationship. I don't think I am giving anything away if I say that he is getting quite old.

(3) Alex von Tunzelmann on Mandela - and what he really, really wanted.

Next, someone who turned out not to be a giant. How can you prove, in Court, that you are an unjustly overlooked composer? You can't, but this man tried.

Finally, for no particular reason, a charming 1914 map of London and the Underground.

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