Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"I’d love to go the pub this evening, but I have to go out. It’s my wife’s wedding anniversary."

A Freudian slip reported by the ever-readable Rory Sutherland in the Spectator. The rest of the piece is good stuff too, talking about why we don't enjoy meals if we resent being at the restaurant in the first place, or at least don't really want to be there.

The converse is true too. Those delightful, simple meals of local bread and cheese, fresh from the market, that you enjoyed in sunny Mediterranean climes; that unpretentious local booze - of course it all tasted great! You were on holiday, you wanted to be there - even a cheese and pickle sandwich with no pickle is a treat. But once you're back home again, tired after a day of work, it's going to take more than a bit of bread, a bit of cheese and some funny-tasting foreign liqueur to make you think you're having a great meal.

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