Monday, 8 July 2013

Latest edition of the Spectator

The 6th July edition is a pretty good one. Good competition; Rod Liddle on top form, offending all his favourite targets all at once (how about this on Channel 4 broadcasting the call to prayer during Ramadan "I had expected them to do something special for Ramadan, but I rather hoped it would be commissioning four special — if rather brief — editions of their (comparatively) popular programme Come Dine With Me. ‘And what’s on your menu tonight, Tariq?’ ‘Nothing.’"?); Rory Sutherland with an offer that can't be missed; Charles Moore on the Garter ceremony; Deborah Ross giving the Bling Ring its best review I've seen. BoJo and Hugo Rifkind not on top form, but otherwise there's some good stuff there. However, I would single out Jeremy Clarke on having dysentery - the Low Life column is horribly compelling.

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